Friday, June 24, 2011

Hot Water Pencong Gowa

Place a hot water bath in the village of Gowa Pencong is not too well known people, however the community surrounding the Gowa, Takalar and Jeneponto have been very frequent visits to hot springs are just soak in the pool which was provided by local governments. In addition to being in a remote area that has not been promoted too, the hot springs in the District Biringbulu is promising to be enjoyed. It could even be a source of revenue that local governments can boost the economy and helping the economic community around an object, if the future object is developed nicely as a hot water bath in Cipanas, West Java, which provides a variety of games as a tourist attraction visited object. Potential sources of hot water Pencong which has an area of ​​about 2 hectares, according to the Gowa District Head of Tourism, Andi Woods Nature Pangerang no less interesting with a hot water bath contained elsewhere in the province. In addition to views of the mountains and forests are still very beautiful, the air in the bath Pencong also very cool, coupled with the beauty of rice fields are traversed when going to the baths add elegance Pencong hot water bath. The facilities you can find in this place besides the two pools for bathing, there is also a spacious parking lot, gazebo, hot water cramps, and public lavatories. Mileage from Makassar to the location of 75 km or about 2 hours already arrived at a tourist attraction hot water bath Pencong. And entering this site you will be subject to a levy of Rp. 2000, - general, for subsequently to the objects down the stairs about 100 feet. Fatigue after down the stairs, it will feel lost when you arrive on the scene and immediately unwind with a soak in hot tubs kono also believed that local communities can cure many diseases including skin diseases, because hot water is hot water that comes straight from the belly earth. Next Rimba Alam, the current government memproritaskan access road to the site in order to facilitate the public who wish to visit the object, so if access to the site have been completed and can be used by the people, then the next stage ie a total revamping, the provision of various facilities at the site will be continuously bath , and tourists can bring their families tourists to attractions Pencong hot water bath. Coolness Pencong Hot Water baths have unique beauty, which does not necessarily have a hot water bath that is in another city. This is because the efficacy of hot water Pencong, truly original comes from the bowels of the earth.

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