Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lake Sano Nggoang

Sano Nggoang Lake is located in the village of Wae Sano, Sano Nggoang District, West Manggarai regency. Distance from City Labuan Bajo as thecapital city of West Manggarai regency 63 km and takes about 3 hours by using private vehicles such as four wheel or two wheel . The quality of the road to the tourist attractions of the City of Lake Sano Nggoang Labuan Bajo to Werang as the Capital City District Sano Nggoang paved roads, while the rocky road to Lake Werang. But from this month, there are already paving project to the Lake so this makes it easy for tourists to travel to the lake Sano Nggoang.
Lake tourism area is situated at an altitude Sano Nggoang 750 m dpal. In addition, Sano Nggoang Lake is located in the southeast region Mbeliling Forests and forest block which is separated Sesok Mbeliling Forest.

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