Monday, June 13, 2011

Lake Sebedang

Tourism Objects Sebedang Lake is a lake that has a width of about 1 km and Object Object Sebedang Lake surrounded by hills with an altitude of about 400 meters above sea level. Area attractions are very easy to reach with two-wheeled vehicle or four wheel because it is on a regional trails Sambas - Singkawang - Pontianak. Tourism Objects This lake has beautiful natural scenery.

Tourism Object Location in the Village of Lake Sebedang Sebedang Sambas district, distance to this location from the city of Pontianak ± 202 km. The condition of roads paved entrance to the site along the ± 500 meters can be passed with four-wheel vehicles. Object there Sebedang Lake tourism tourism support facilities provided by the local community in cooperation with the Government of Sambas Regency.

For tourists who are interested in hiking exercise, can go to the top of Mount Amor located on the south side of the lake and enjoy the beautiful views of the lake. For you to bring your family, can all visit Long Island in the middle of Lake Sebedang. Historically, Lake Sebedang used by the Sultan of Sambas for bathing and resting place.

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