Monday, June 13, 2011

Lake Tahai

The lake is located in the village tumbles Tahai Tahai, Bukit Batu subdistrict, 29 km west Palangkaraya this is one of the attractions that a lot of visits from Palangkaraya residents who want to relax and recreation. There are several entertainment facilities, such as fishing, water bicycle, boat motors, karaoke, hanging bridge and restaurants. Tahai lake is rain fed lake is not huge, but was contacted by several small rivers are suitable for those who like fishing.

Tahai is the name of the lake from Central Kalimantan Dayak language seems. Tahai is a small lake that formed is said due to the long-standing water due to sand mining. Also Tahai also formed due to the former watershed alurya be changed, thus forming a pool of water that do not follow the river channel again.

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