Friday, June 3, 2011

Mount Tambora

Calabai timber is a small city located north tip of the peninsula of Mount Tambora. Mount Tambora as it has been known to be the center of the eruption terdahsat that ever existed in history. Mount Tambora dominate the northern peninsula of Sumbawa Island, with an altitude of 2851 meters above sea level, brown and covered by dense forest, a distinction that contrasts with the natural surroundings. To climb Mount Tambora large can be started from the village of Pancasila which lies at the foot of Mount Tambora.
Ascent to Mount Tambora needed 3 days 2 nights through protected forest. To reduce the risk during the ascent, it is advisable to prepare yourself for the climb because of the many leeches in the protected forest.
The crater of Mount Tambora was one crater with a spectacular panorama that exist in Indonesia. The journey to Calabai can be reached within 8 hours of Sumbawa Besar, 5 Hours of Dompu and 6 hours of Bima.

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