Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Natural Park Cave Pattunuang Maros Regency

Pattunuang Cave Natural Park has approximately 40 caves. The caves are still natural and has not undergone changes by human activity. Besides the work will ornament, ornaments beautiful caves in the surrounding caves also have a very beautiful natural scenery and charming, river flanked by steep cliffs is an attraction for visitors. Generally the cave that is in the region can reach easily, with a depth of 30 meters. Within this area there is also a large boat-shaped stone that holds an interesting legend, according to a story on saman supposedly used to be a Chinese merchant who came to apply for and acquire Clover girl but because her application was rejected, eventually it gets embarrassed merchant is then forbid the boat, the boat is then in turn to stone. Now the people in the village called the stone Semanggi "Biseang Labboro" which means the stranded boat. On weekends the area is visited by many, especially teenagers who perform Camping, Caving (search caves), rock climbing or just enjoying the scenery, rivers and the flora and fauna typical contained therein. National Park Authority Bantimurung-Bulusaraung (CENTER PARK Babul) as a government institution responsible for the management of conservation areas, have built some features of this region include: Facilities Camping Ground, Sheller, Travel Trail Road, WC and Ticket Service Post.

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