Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pantai Batu Bolong

Pantai Batu Bolong has a large stone with a perforation in it. Located near the Hindu temple located on top of that if you looked down to see Lombok Strait to majestic Mount Agung in Bali.

After sunbathing, relaxing and having fun on this beautiful beach, wait till late afternoon to see the incredible sunsets.

AT angle bend in the road down to Senggigi, Lombok, where Pura Batu Bolong located. A temple that stood upon the rock of the perforated (perforated) and still strong, brave and noble in this Senggigi beach, menyhnpan strong religious aura with beautiful beaches. Froth friendly waves as always meranku1 with peaceful area of ​​temples and beaches.

Early into the temple area of ​​his piodalan Purnamaning Kasa falls on this, Hindus or pamedek want Tangkil (do praying) can enter the temple melalul Bentar textured sand. On either side of the main gate there is a small door (betelan) barred as a side entrance or a side door.
To the left of the area (near the highway), there is a hill on which stood Pura Pucaksari pelinggih and toss with some auxiliary buildings, such as Palinggih Pasimpangan Gunung Agung, Gunung Rinjani Pasimpangan, Pasimpangan Ayu Mas toss and Bale Pawedan. All around, in addition to elegant beach, also a variety of trees growing in the area near the temple. Like the banyan tree (at Jaba Side), bujut, celagi (ASEM), hibiscus (the beach), barks, and others.

Entering the temple area, people will be coming down the stairs first, before passing several pelinggih who stood around the trail to the summit Pura Batu Bolong. At first, on the left side of the road that passed by, there are two pelinggih (in one Penyengker). Closer to the entrance, standing (facing south), palinggih Good Balian. On the left side of pelinggih it (facing west) is pelinggih Pengayengan Mecaling Mas Ratu Gde.

On his left side, lined Pewaregan Bale and Bale Pakemit. Through it, on the right path there Pawedan Bale and Bale Pengodal. Following behind Pelinggih Pangelukatan (basic palinggih him in contact with seawater). Right across from there Palinggih Pelawangan.

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