Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Prehistoric Park Leang-Leang Maros Regency

Leang-Leang Prehistoric Park is located on the limestone hill / steep karts. Archaeologists argue that there are some caves that once populated the region for 3000-8000 BC. It can be seen from the prehistoric paintings in the form of drawings and dozens of hog deer picture palm of the hand on the cave walls. In addition to prehistoric caves, here also found relics of another form of tools from stone tools and remains of human food in the past. This site is one of the most important heritage sites in order to reconstruct the history of past life. The uniqueness in this area is the river which is right in front of Leang-Leang Cave, a limestone outcrop in the area of ​​rice fields scattered population and views from the upper cave Bulusaraung peak.

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