Sunday, June 26, 2011

Selayar Island Kakabia Islands District

Kakabia Island can be reached during the 4 hours from the island of Kalao Toa. According to calculations, the travel time of the Toa to Jampea Kalao for a day or 10-12 hours. Fort Selayar Jampea to the capital, taken about eight hours.

Kakabia island famous for its black and white bird is dominant there. They gathered in the morning and afternoon. According to La Suga, sand and dirt bird is ever collected by the residents of the Upper Rock Island in the Wakatobi island groups and sold to Bali. "Activities that only one time and do not continue anymore" he said.

Bird Island Kakabia prey on flying fish. With a large beak and long, they are so mighty fish prey on the surface.

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