Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Site Bung Karno (Place of pilgrimage)

Houses on the Way Officer, Village Kotaratu, District of South Ende (Ende City), it looks like any settlements due to its construction resembles the settlement side. What distinguishes it is a sign that read 'site, the Former Home exile in Ende Bung Karno' plastered on the front page. At home measuring 12 x 9 meters, the former President of the Republic of Indonesia Soekarno (Bung Karno) be a period of exile by the Dutch colonial past four years (1934-1938).

Bung Karno was exiled since January 14, 1934 with his wife, Inggit Garnasih; in-law, Mrs. Amsih; his adopted daughter, Rachel Juami; and teachers foster children, Asmara Hadi.

In the various notes that peeling of the Bung Karno exile in Ende, Flores Island, NTT, one of the most desirable communities is a book called Bung Karno, Ilham from Flores to the archipelago.

This book tells the Bung Karno contemplation under a breadfruit tree branched five who gave birth to the idea of ​​five points of Pancasila. The five points of Pancasila Bung Karno was officially announced on June 1, 1945 at the trial Dokoritsu Zyumbi Tyoosakai.

Houses and breadfruit trees, two witnesses history in the heart of the City Ende maintained well until now. Among the people Ende, Bung Karno exile home is considered sacred. Anyone who enters the home page must request permission from the Bung Karno by saying the word 'excuse me'. "If you do not say the word excuse me, there will be obstacles. For example when taking pictures, the picture does not appear. And behind the museum Bung Karno existing wells within 12 meters, used by Bung Karno for bathing, washing and drinking and ablution for worship. It is said that water These wells have properties to cure disease and younger.

Breadfruit Tree
Situated right beside the field per se Ende, Soekarno road. 1934-1938 ditahun in this place every evening after Asr prayers, Bung Karno sat thoughtfully sometimes midnight until dawn. The result is PANCASILA musing on which the Republic of Indonesia. Breadfruit tree depicted is the result after replanting native trees uprooted around the year 60's, grown only two branches re-grow and die. After prayer and ceremony held on the second planting trees now flourish until now with five branches which are believed to society as a manifestation of the five precepts of Pancasila.

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