Monday, June 13, 2011

Sultanate Sambaliung

Sambaliung sultanate Sultanate is the result from the breakdown of the Sultanate of Berau, Berau which split into two, namely Sambaliung and Mount Tabur in circa 1810s. The first Sultan was Sultan Alimuddin Sambaliung better known by the name of the King of Nature. Nature is a descendant of King Baddit Dipattung or better known as Aji Suryanata Kesuma Berau first king. Up to the 9 th generation, ie, Aji Dilayas. Aji Dilayas has two children of different mothers. The one named and one old prince named Prince Dipati.
Then, the Kingdom of Berau ruled alternately between the descendants of the old prince and Prince Dipati (this is what makes the difference of opinion sometimes even lead to incidents). Natural King is the grandson of Sultan Hasanuddin and great-grandson of the old prince, or generation-13 from Aji Surya Nata Kesuma.
King of Nature is the first sovereign in Tanjung Batu Putih, who founded the capital of his kingdom in the Cape in 1810. (Tanjung Batu Putih later became the kingdom Sambaliung).

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