Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Swimming Pool Baumata

Swimming Pool Baumata is a village located 16 km from the city of Kupang or 6 km East of Airport Way El Tari kupang, precisely in Central Kupang District, which is one place of recreation / tourist attraction that is well known and visited by people.

As a place of recreation, in addition there are natural forests which are natural attractions (Eco Tourist), also known Baumata with natural water sources are clean and fresh. Currently Aquamor water company which has been exporting mineral water to various areas in NTT to take water from water sources Baumata. So also with PDAM Kupang which is the main water source for the city of Kupang get water supply from the Water Resources Baumata.

The attraction is owned by prominent natural attractions Baumata is the swimming pool for both adults and children the legacy of its history / site is pretty interesting natural cave with stalactite and stalagmite, is ± 250 meters from the swimming pool. Society calls it "Cave of Japan" which is the legacy of the Japanese Army as a hiding place during World War II.

Besides enjoying the natural scenery with the cool air, near a swimming pool, there are also the natural pool is decorated with lotus flowers as a sanctuary some freshwater habitats such as the types of fish and shrimp. Also at this time by the manager, the pool has been cultivated several kinds of potential for consumption of fish among others: Fish Milkfish, Tawas and Fish Mas.

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