Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Timber Museum Tuah Himba

Himba Tuah Wood Museum is located not far from the Panji Sukarame Reservoir Area is located about 600 meters from the reservoir. Built with a wooden building stage measuring 20 x 20 m².

The background for the opening of this tourist attraction is due to a crocodile that has been preserved in the Museum of Wood.

In the museum there are various types of timber logs that exist on the island of Borneo.

Collection of the Museum of this wood, among which are:
* Craft Kutai made ​​from rattan, a cabinet chairs, lamps, beds etc.
* Craft Dayak, including the anjat, saber, Dayak carvings made ​​of ironwood
* Thumbnail home typical of Dayak
* The types of wood in the area huatan Kukar
* Collection of 200 pieces of wood species
* Collection of the types of wood that dried leaves of 200 pieces
* Collection of seeds
* Collection of pieces of logs or sticks of trees that grow in Borneo Forest
* Crocodile Estuary preserved (male and female)
* Collection of Crab-eating coconut juice
* And others.

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