Tuesday, June 21, 2011

White Sand Beach surroundings Stone Bantaeng

White Sand Beach surroundings is located in the village of Stone Bantaeng Baruga, Pajukukang District, about 18 kilometers and the City Bantaeng. Way there can be taken approximately 30 minutes, through the streets toward the shaft Bantaeng Bulukumba. White sand beach is located not far from the highway.

Visitors who traveled there can use a motorcycle or car. From the highway, there is a path that can be bypassed by a motor vehicle. The dirt track that has undergone a hardening of this distance is no more and 1 km from the highway.

Here you can perform activities of sunbathing on the beach or beach sports. Shower or bathe in the sea is also an exciting activity. If you want to sail with the boat, along the coast are fishing boats can be hired for traveling along the coast.

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