Monday, June 13, 2011

Yellow Palace

Yellow Palace tourist attraction is a heritage site of the Kingdom Kotawaringin remaining. Now restored and slicked back, making it one of the main attraction for the tourists. The palace was formerly in the era of the 80s never burned, and according to the stories the old people, it was done intentionally by someone whose name Deraya. Because of that now (after restoration) seems to look less original again with a touch of modern style building. If the first court typically kalimantan shaped with the stage model is seen higher by building the pillar up high, now the Royal Palace to be slightly lower. around the rear area of ​​the Yellow Palace is also home to the descendants of the kingdom which still alive until sekarang.untuk can enter the Yellow Palace there should be etiquette for visitors. According to royal tradition and customs, and it is a must for every visitor to the visitors, especially women who are menstruating are not allowed to enter the Yellow Palace. And if you enter the palace to go through the procession under royal rule.

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