Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Baths Potanga

Baths Potanga to the west of the city of Gorontalo, precisely in the Village of West City District Pilolodaa. A short distance from downtown attractions makes Baths Potanga not equipped with lodging facilities. Travel time of only about 20 minutes from downtown. Natural attractions that rely on a clean and cool baths with natural mountain spring water flowing from the crevices of the rocks around the bathhouse, is a tourist asset Gorontalo city government and society in general. Baths Potanga name that has meaning to the name of the township and the intersection at that location. Travel Potanga built since the Dutch colonial times. There are two alternative pathways to the tourist sites, the first of Jalaluddin Airport and the second of Gorontalo City Centre. A short distance from the access to the city of Gorontalo, because only about 5 km from downtown via the King's Highway and Road Eyato Isa Usman. For visitors who want to go straight to the tourist sites of Jalaluddin Airport, by taxi through the Highway Batudaa - Bongomeme and will pass through the site - other tourist locations (Taluhu Barakati, Fort Otanaha, Iluta Pier, and the Sacred Tomb Ju Panggola). Right at the intersection of four sub pilolodaa (potanga), will be seen the gate leading to the tourist sites. From the gate is still within approximately 500m to the tourist sites with a slightly uphill road, because the Baths Potanga natural attractions right in the foothills.

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