Monday, July 18, 2011

Batila Island Marine Park

Batila Island Marine Park is located in the Gulf of Tomini. Precisely Panta included in the Village area, adjacent to the District Pohuwato Boalemo.

Marine Park is in District Paguat, it has the beauty of coral reefs and diverse marine life. According to research by tourism experts, the beauty of Island Marine Park Bitila twice exceeds the beauty of Bunaken Marine Park. Therefore the local government in cooperation with the Association of Guides Indonesia (HPI) Gorontalo, and Tourism Development NGO, has opened a travel lane Bunaken - Boalemo - Togian. Travel route is intended to introduce tourism potential to tourists Boalemo.

Batila Island is an uninhabited island. Government Boalemo specialize island as a marine tourism object. Batila Island and surrounding areas Tomini Bay does have a remarkable beauty who attracted domestic and foreign tourists.

The island is not too broad with a fairly rich vegetation. This is what makes the island Bitila look lush and cool. White sand stretches along the coastline. So soft as soft flour. You can lay enjoying the warmth of the sun here.

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