Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cape Coast Wood Wind

Cape Wind Wood tourist attraction located in the village of Sani-Sani Samaturu Kolaka District. One of the attractions of sea with huge potential for tourism development in Kolaka, Southeast Sulawesi Province.
The Cape Wind Wood owned a tourist attraction in addition to the beach Kolaka Tamborasi and Pemadian Ulunggolaka Nature has other characteristics. In addition to its location directly opposite the Island and Island Padamarang Lambasina, the potential for corals that are still living below the depth where the gathering of various types of marine animals. Many visitors who came to the Cape Wind Wood both of Kolaka or from outside the City Kolaka. Unfortunately due to access to get into tourist sites is still limited because of the absence of a landline that can be passed by a four-wheeled vehicles. Although the road is still very difficult but Cape Coast Wind is perfect for weekend trips with the family.

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