Tuesday, July 12, 2011

coast Bentenan

Attractions: The beach is a continuation of the Coast Bentenan Makalisung Tondano to the South. Bentenan beach is located about 100 km from Manado. Bentenan bathing beach attractions that have a broad stretch of coast line and length with the natural background of the sea. Is a beautiful tourist attraction. In the park there Bentenan water areas rich in species of marine fish and other marine life that attract divers from around the world. Panorama presented by the beach is similar to the beach and next to the road conditions can be said to be just as bad. Though at this location was built Bentenan Beach Resort is already well known to foreign tourists. The beach is located in the Village Bentenan Bentenan according to the narrative of the indigenous elders and village, is the hiding place of the citizen an enemy target. No wonder then that the village has existed since the 16th century and the oldest in this Partners, familiarly known as the Citadel of Defense or shortened to Bentenan.

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