Monday, July 18, 2011

coast Bolihutuo

Bolihutuo beach there in District Tilamuta Boalemo. Bolihutuo Coast Tourism was inaugurated with the name Boalemo Beautiful.

To get to the location of this Bolihutuo Coast beaches, the tourists have to travel via the Trans-Sulawesi road, a distance of approximately 130 miles from the center of Gorontalo City. Bolihutuo Coast beauty, like a pearl of tourism which unfold on the Gulf coast Tomini. Chasing the waves which add elegant atmosphere of the beach.

Stretch of white sand that blanketed the region Bolihutuo Coast, as well as dozens of shady pine trees add to the beauty of the atmosphere at the Beach Bolihutuo.

Boalemo even though the newly formed 1999. Boalemo District Government continues to further promote its tourism potential. Currently in the region has opened Bolihutuo Coast Tourist Information Center (Tourism Information Center-ITC).

In that place tourists can find a variety of tourism potential in Boalemo. The beach is very fitting Bolihutuo used for tours on weekends with the family.

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