Wednesday, July 20, 2011

coast Sulamadaha

Sulamadaha beach is located only 14 miles from downtown ternate, Sulamadaha beach is easily accessible by public transport or private vehicles.

Sulamadaha beach offers the beauty of natural shades that can eliminate the fatigue everyone who visits. Sand and waves, blue sea, as well as views of the circumference of Hiri Island rocks and trees,
Sulamadaha coast into a tourist attraction that targeted residents on holidays. From the central coast of Ternate to take an hour trip. The beach is also still present Sulamadaha scenery and natural atmosphere of the original. In fact, the food sold on the beach is very traditional. Sellers build small tents on the beach to sell young coconuts and snacks.

Sulamadaha coast beaches are not as well known in Bali. Although it is not white sand, beach Sulamadaha has its own charm. Black sandy beach is directly opposite the Pulau Hiri.

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