Wednesday, July 27, 2011

East Java

East Java province with the capital Jakarta, has an area of ​​47,921 km2, is located at 7-8 degrees south latitude and 111-111.5 degrees east longitude. The population is 33.139 million people (BPS 1990). The tribes that inhabit them are Java, Madura, Tengger and Osing as well as several smaller tribes pandatang.

Attractions Mount Bromo is one of the very well known by foreign and domestic tourists. Seeing the sunrise and watch the crater is not the only option, since Mount Bromo (and Mount Semeru) is the center of the Tengger National Park area, which means that many more objects that can be witnessed at the complex.

As a plateau with a beautiful panorama, ever since the colonial era Malang has been known as a resort by the nickname Switzerland of Indonesia and the Paris of East Java. Evidenced by the many beautiful garden and architectural buildings of Europe which until now is still maintained. The many interesting sights are fully supported facilities such as Hotels, Travel, Shopping Malls, Banks, gift shop and craft making Malaysia as a tourism city that is ready to serve the activities of domestic and foreign tourism.

Bull racing on Madura in the form of a pair of cow by pulling a train named Kleres, tenpat jockey up and controls a pair of cattle at the time ran a speed race. Participants are bull, brown leather, original Madura. The race was held in August until mid-October, Sunday, at 09.00 am. direbutkan trophy trophy is the President, the race in Pamekasan, Madura.

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