Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fortress andes Barana'

Fortress andes Barana 'in the eighteenth century Takala at first made ​​with his wife Sia Ne'Salu L. Ta'bi. Fortress andes Barana made ​​with base defense in the face of war against enemies, both of which come from outside or from within. Fortress andes Barana 'is strengthened by the support of the joint community representatives such Tobarani of Tondon, Kesu', Madandan, Balepe ', Pangala' and several other villages in a mission tersendiridari 10 people are known To Padatindo in the face of opponents who come from outside Tana Toraja.
Fortress andes Barana 'fortress consists of three parts, namely:
Stone 1.Benteng Pa'patulelean located on the south.
2.Benteng Mangunda'pa somewhat below the Citadel andes Barana '
3.Benteng andes Barana 'at the height.

All three of this castle can not be separated from one another by a single entity because it is a strategic stronghold that was never defeated, when the war against Dutch colonialism, which was pioneered by the Tanga Layuk and Sittoo.

At the location of Fort andes Barana 'we also can see a very beautiful panorama into several parts such as directions to the town of Bori Tallunglipu and Rantepao. The distance from the town of Rantepao ± 4 km.

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