Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hot Water Baths Ranopaso

Ranopaso is the language of the local community, which means hot water. Is one of the hot water bathing places in Minahasa regency. Hot water bath with a traditional feel is located in the village of Koya District West Tondano is very easy to visit because it is only 3 km from the City Tondano. In addition to hot water baths are available at this location visitors can also to enjoy the hot tub to soak.
Natural hot water baths in other Minahasa regency as often found in Tataaran-Tondano, Karumenga, Kinali, Wale Papetaupan-Sonder, and others.
Hot water bath at Tataaran also provides beautiful views to the mountains and rice fields in front of him. In this place also is ideal for a stay to stay, because around the baths have been available lodging. Also available is also a natural bathing pool. These baths can be reached easily because it is very close to the city Tondano only 3 miles or 15 minutes by public transport.
Hot mineral water baths at Karumenga is a good place to rest while bathing. Located in the Village District Langowan Karumenga precisely the distance of 50 km from Manado.
In addition to the hot baths in Minahasa Regency also has a hot water bath that has been developed as Kinali in District Kawangkoan, Wale Papateupan in District Sonder and Remboken Paso in the District.

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