Saturday, July 16, 2011

lake Poso

Lake Poso is located in the City of Tentena in a strategic position between the trajectory traveled the Trans Sulawesi Toraja, Poso, Gorontalo and Manado make Lake Poso is always visited by tourists. Lake Poso is the third largest in Indonesia. Stretching from north to south along the 32 km and 16 km wide, with depths of up to 510 Meters, and lies at an altitude of 657 meters above sea level. The water in Lake Poso is very clear with white sand, especially in October to April. Cuisine large eels and carp often the menu offerings in restaurants around the lake.
Lake Poso is the belle of the tourism attractions of Central Sulawesi with the enactment of a tourist destination (DTW) to -22 has the natural beauty of Lake Poso crate of white sand, blue water lake, and the scenery around the lake is beautiful to be enjoyed by tourists.

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