Monday, July 4, 2011


Latuppa' is an object of baths and famous tourist sites are located in Palopo. An area that berwilayah at the northern tip of South Sulawesi. Located located about 360 km from the city of Makassar. Has a geographic location that consists of lowlands, beaches and mountains. Latuppa located about 5 miles from city center Palopo is one of the destinations of the good citizens of Palopo town itself and from surrounding areas.

Latuppa is a one of the river that divides the city in addition to the river boting Palopo. In addition to serve as a tourist attraction, Latuppa river is the river which also has an important role in providing the need for clean water for city residents Palopo. The river supplies the water needs for cities Palopo.
Agro tourism area. Nuanced cool mountain air. Located at an altitude of about 200 meters above sea level. known as a producer of fruits, especially durian and rambutan. This area is also a water source and the Regional Water Company (PDAM) Palopo City.

In addition to offering natural bath, Latuppa also has a natural beauty that is so beautiful. Has a waterfall and three levels and feel the cool mountain. Latuppa also offers an alternative that makes us want to keep returning to the place. Travel bath pool named AGRO TOURISM add to the charm of Latuppa. Not to mention if the fruit season, along the road we will see spectacular berjejernya durian, rambutan fruit and olive are so dense.

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