Thursday, July 7, 2011

river Tamborasi

Attractions Tamborasi River is the shortest river in the world with a length of about 20 meters wide and 15 meters. Tamborasi River is located 90 km from the City Kolaka to the north, precisely in the Village Tamborasi, District Wolo. To reach the River Tamborasi visitors can travel overland or overwater about 1-2 hours. Along the road to Tamborasi River, visitors can also enjoy the beauty of the mountain containing the marble. Upstream the river where the springs out, flows directly related to the sea and the sandy white create Tamborasi River increasingly fascinating and love to pass its beauty. Another charm of this river is a unique type of water, where the River Tamborasi have two kinds of water sources, namely the cold water coming out of the water in the eye, while the sea water directly adjacent to warm, so visitors have two options for the bath, with warm water or cold water.

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