Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tomori Gulf

Tomori Gulf is about 157 km from Tentena. Can be achieved approximately 4 hours by bus. Tomori bay has its own attractive natural beauty.
The water was calm and sometimes resembles a mirror reflection in the surrounding mountains and a beautiful series of islands is brackish Dara names of islands located in the center of the sea and several other small islands, such as the Island of Lights, Tokabe Island, Virgin Islands and Island Tomori.

Mori, a small oval-shaped island that extends from north to south with the coast in the east and west but the white sandy beaches in the north and south are the high hills up to 300 meters. Around the island there Tomori beautiful Sea Garden which is a sequence of 27 of the world at the gate Tomori Bay. There was also a rock in the middle of the sea resembling the banyan tree as high as 25 meters from the sea floor and called the Stone Apali by Tomori community living around the bay. There is an ancient heritage at the top of the stone and is considered sacred by local people.
Each ship / boat that passed there must honk the horn as a sign of permission if they do not want to hurt the trip. The bay also has thousands of species of fish.

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