Monday, December 6, 2010

Al Quran in Sheep Skin

Sheep Skin Qur'an

Have you ever imagined, the entire contents of the Koran that are 30 juz amount is poured into a piece of sheep skin with a size 66 x 66cm.

It is Mr. Amin, who first had the idea of Sheep leather wall hangings from the holy book that read the contents Complete Holy Quran, from Surah Al Fatihah to Annas Letter.
This item is manufactured in Bandung, precisely at Gede Bage. Understandably The owner of the idea that also is a graduate of ITB Bandung urang genuine.

Manufacture these products using laser techniques, and carved directly by some experts for making master artists. Using tools such as tattoo machines, with different size of the eye pen, produce papers or engravings as small as possible but still detailed. So that the Holy Koran that contains 114 letters, we can see a whole against the wall of the house.

To be able to read sentences or passages in this medium, it takes a magnifying glass tool. And every product is always equipped with a magnifying glass that should be brought home by the buyer as a bonus.

The raw material products are derived from the skin accidentally on imported lamb from New Zealand, "imported sheep skin. We never use the local skin, sheep skin from New Zealand is more subtle than any State "said Fani, marketing Amani Gallery. To frame is also used fiber imported from Korea. So do not be surprised if this product is quite expensive for your pocket.

The price in the offer by Amani Gallery as the producer, good enough. For size 24 x 24 cm, contains only one letter like Al Fatehah and Al-Ikhlas. Prices start Rp.150.000 pegged. While containing the entire contents of Al Quran 30 juz, most big size 115 x 145 cm Rp.6.000.000 pegged price. Calligraphy This is not ordinary, but extraordinary work. Are you interested to adorn the walls of homes with verses from the Koran?


You can get this product in Amani Gallery. Showroomnya Bidakara Tower is on the ground floor, Suit 01. Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto Kav. 71-73, South Jakarta.
Although this product has been certified from the MUI, you should check back and make corrections to the experts.
Because not merely ornamental, but the scriptures, you are advised placing it in the appropriate place.

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