Monday, December 6, 2010

Pyrex Glass

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Crafts or handicrafts are generally made of wood, metal, and clay. But this one handicraft using glass raw materials, namely glass pyrex.

Crafts from kangaroo country, has been developed in Indonesia since 2004 with unique and artistic forms.

Through the skilled hands of young people in Sidoarjo, pyrex glass crafts are worth aligned with products from Italy. Because the detail, subtlety, precision in workmanship, plus a touch of imagination makes it difficult to distinguish between the glass with crystal. The product is a wide range of company awards, souvenirs (bride / seminar), souvenirs, accessories, trophy (a person, company logo), interior decoration, wrapping gifts and share a kind of miniature animals.

Andi is one of the craftsmen who had studied in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. "At that time I was sent to Kuala Lumpur by the company to explore this craft. Three years I was there. Two years receive basic lessons and a year mengahayati imagination, "said Andi, who now has opened his own stores.
"I was confused when it returned to Jakarta, the company that sent me there is no alias was already bankrupt," said Andi.

Pirex glass handicraft-making techniques with the way in fuel with high temperatures, above 750 Co so that the raw material is easy to be formed as desired. The nature of the insulating glass is very helpful in progress, because glass is not hot mengahantarkan. Old workmanship depends on the difficulty of forms. "The most complicated usually takes 3 hours more," said Andi.

For a work that fall into the category of art, pyrex glass product price is quite cheap, ranging from 15,000 to Rp.2.500.000. Netha Art Craft built by Andi also serve a variety of forms of order. The quality of his work no doubt. Because Australia, the country that created these products menginportnya from Indonesia. Netherlands, too.

In Surabaya, in addition to Netha Art Craft which was built by Andi. There are two friends who studied together in Kuala Lumpur, opened a similar business. So for those of you who want to travel to Surabaya do not forget to pursue this craft. The impression of luxury and elegance you'll get after you make it as a home interior.

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