Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cultural tourism area Pampang

Pampang Cultural tourism area formed by the displacement of the Dayak Kenyah Apokayan Bulungan through Wahau Estuary, Long Segar, Tabang, Long Iram Kutai regency in 1967.
The exodus in the group (totaling approximately 35 families) moved from north to south until the 1973's, they began to pioneer life in obvious locations, Kelurahan Siring River District North Samarinda (approximately 25 km from downtown Samarinda) can be reached by public transportation Market route Segiri Siring River.
Pampang is an alternative for tourists who want to see / witness the cultural life of Dayak Kenyah tribe of the interior in particular, who have limited kesempatan.waktu.
In this place also can be witnessed arts attractions: kancet forgiveness Letto, kancet weld (gong), hudoq dance, dance manyam rope, kancet nyelama Sakai, pemung tawai dance, dance hornbills, dance leleng.

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