Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kersik Luway

Located in District Melak, approximately 15 km from the village of Melak. The area to 5,000 ha. 3 types of orchids that artifacts in place include: Black Orchid (Coelogynepandurata), Erya Vania, Erya Florida, Coelogyne Rocus Soini and Bulpophylum Mututina, Orchid Pouch Semar.
Facilities at the site contained information space, the need for tourist facilities available in Melak. In order to visit this place daat reached by river boat from Samarinda - Melak, followed by two wheelers / four.

Mencimai, Benung, Black Orchid / Black Orchid Engkuni, Eheng and Waterfall thunder magic.

Is villages inhabited by ethnic Dayak Tunjung, there is a distance of 7 km Lamin Terminal Kampung Tongkok clan clan as the art center Benuaq Dayak tribe.
In the village there Mencimai museum "Mencimai" which contains data and information Benuaq Dayak tribe lives in farming, hunting and other civic life, complete with photos and descriptions. The museum is built on the help of a Japanese tourist fees.
Lamin Lamin-inhabited by the people in these villages is Lamin Mencima, Lamin Benung, Lamin Engkuni, Lamin Eheng.

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