Monday, March 21, 2011

Agro Tourism Ngebruk Patean Kendal

Where tourism is the first and only one in Kendal which provides superior fruit heaven (Plantera Fruit Paradise) on an area of ​​210 ha. Located in the hills of temperate cool precisely in the Village District Sidokumpul Patean Kendal District. Various fruit trees are available here, especially fruits such as Durian Montong seed, longan itoh, Dragon Red dragon fruit, sugar apple Grand Anona, Rambutan Binjai & Ropiah and Cashew Citra.

In modern gardens managed by maintaining this high-tech tourists can enjoy a trip down the plantation, picking fruit and enjoying the fruits you like, all packed in a tour package Tour Fruit, Fruit and Fruit Paradise Safari.

The place was opened to the public every Saturday and Sunday, 08:00 to 17:00 o'clock. To enjoy Fruit Tour by touring car with a capacity of about 15 people, the mileage Fruit Tour is approximately four miles.

There is also Fruit Safari, which is a walk around the garden. A guide will accompany the entourage around the garden. If you want to buy fruit, visitors pick their own lives and then weighed.

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