Monday, March 21, 2011

Kampung Jowo Sekatul Limbangan Kendal

Is a natural tourist attractions are fairly complete with a variety of arena games dexterity, such as Flying Fox, Outbound, Village Tours and others. Visitors are also provided a fairly comfortable lodging while enjoying the cool air is enough. Located in the Village District Margosari Limbangan or about 38 km to the south of the town of Kendal, past District Kaliwungu and Cambodia. From Semarang direction through Ngaliyan Limbangan toward Cambodia.

Apart from being a place of recreation games, restaurants, natural attractions as well as a place if Roso, nglaras and Roso who menep, unification for close to nature. From these interactions smoga open our conscience and find the identity / identities towards the road safely. "Memayu Hayuning Bawono". Also add insight on the types of Java house, Katuranggan animals, Pethungan Dina and others. Home made what is, by keeping the historic original was better, than the beautiful but lost its authenticity.
From these interactions can also familiarize the less harmonious family relationships between parents and children, friendship, activities reconcile neighbors (social gathering), meetings, seminars, meetings, reunions, birthdays, wedding party, and so on lain.Rapat, seminars , discussion ikmiah provide a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, this will generate great ideas and useful. The picturesque rice fields, villages and farmers' life is simple and unpretentious, away from the impression kemrungsung or anxious, really valuable lesson. Gemerciknya water and the graceful flow of the river really reassuring. The cool air and green trees that are free of polusi.Semua offer a new lifestyle (new lifestyle back to nature) that the current trends. People are getting saturated with luxury bid city, the false with towering buildings as a symbol of pride. Any building meaningful philosophical labored through a procession of Java and a long and tiring as the continuity of development and the achievement of the aim of Kampong Java.

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