Monday, March 28, 2011

Curug Sibedil Pemalang

Sibedil waterfall waterfall is located in the sub-cavity Pemalang district of Central Java. To reach the waterfall Sibedil very easy, just a few meters from the road. Remember the road to get to the waterfall there is no so must cross a river. Panorama given Sibedil waterfall was incredible. Waterfall is 10 meters high has beautiful views plus a cool atmosphere around the waterfall. Sibedil waterfall attraction is the many waterfalls around the waterfall and even around the waterfall filled with shower water into small pieces that make good in view of this waterfall. A fairly clean water to make I can not wait to swim. In my opinion waterfall waterfall Sibedil an empire that needs to be visited. But you must remember this waterfall is not the resorts so its authenticity is still well preserved.

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