Friday, March 18, 2011

Goa Tritip Jepara

Goa Tritip Located in the village of Watu Jung, District Keling or 45 km north of Jepara town near the Portuguese fort.

In ancient times Tritip Cave used by Mbah Joyo Kusumo to be imprisoned and then now a lot of people interpreted as a place petilasannya. Every Friday night were given offerings of wedang wedang sugar and coffee. But on Friday night that dish wage plus coconut white and red pulp. In the vicinity of the area are wooden boats. The boat was reportedly said to the hermitage Mbah Joyo Kusumo. But now the boat is located in Cave Tritip've lived half as many were taken by people who visited there to build a fire and so forth. Many visitors who came on Friday night wage for hajatnya achieved after performing austerities through intermediaries mbah Joyo Kusumo to God Almighty.

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