Friday, March 18, 2011

National Nature Reserve Geowisata Karangsambung

Kebumen seems already outlined as a region very rich in natural resources with huge potential as a tourist destination. We call it one by one, Jatijajar attractions such as Goa, Goa Petruk, Logending Beach, Beach Petanahan, Beach Karangbolong, Krakal hot water bathing as well as several other objects, Geology / Rock Karangsambung this. Therefore, not surprisingly, there is a mention trips to Kebumen is a kind of nature tourism (nature Tourism).

Trip to Karangsambung not say is a typical form of tourism, in contrast to travel to other objects, because they are more inclined to be scientific tourism. Or more specifically, known as scientific tourism (geo tourism). How was the tour to object shape on this one, hopefully this article can give a little information about it.

Do you want to see and want to know what shape the ocean floor rocks, bedrock of the raised island of Java, traces of collision, various souvenirs of gems and their scientific explanation. That among other sympathetic bids offered by these attractions. Our advice, do not waste it just like that quote, we immediately step forward our feet to get there. Because, in reality foreign tourists so enthusiastic to get to know up close 'natural rock garden' which supposedly represents the most comprehensive geological park in Asia Pacific. So, whether we have lost the spirit of 'want to know' with foreign nations to the wealth of our own.

As an illustration for you, in Karangsambung we will receive an explanation about the uniqueness Karangsambung see examples of rocks, gems crafts-making process and the results are ready for sale, rock preparation and analysis / quality test and integration into multiple locations of rock that is very important to the world of science exposed in the field.

Karangsambung region, can be said like a monument or a park of rock evolution of Earth's Cretaceous Period (about 120 million forest ago) until now. In this area can be found the evidence of rock collision of the Indian Ocean Australian Plate with the Eurasian continental plate. This collision zone has now been shifted about 312 km to the south at the base of the Indonesian Ocean.

In this geological park can we meet a variety of rocks, either igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic, formed on the ocean floor up to the edge of the continent that is formed, all mixed up with the 'deformation' is strong. 'Morphology' it is the result of interaction between the rocks, structural geology and erosion processes, which reflect a 'reversal of topography', thus forming the circular mountain range with valleys elongated in the middle, resembling a hoof.

Judging from history, this area since 1963 has been used for field practice of geology students in Indonesia. Then in 1964 founded Campus Field Geology in 1987 and then refined into UPT (Technical Executor Unit) Laboratory of Natural Geological Karangsambung - SK Chairman of LIPI with LIPI Number 837/Kep/A.5/87, dated May 8, 1987.

Currently, several universities such as ITB, UPN "Veteran" Yogyakarta, Padjadjaran University, UNPAK Gogor, UNISBA, IKIP Yogyakarta, Semarang and Jakarta, as well as training programs PPTP regularly utilize existing facilities. Several international organizations such as GEOSEA geology, CCOP, Science, and the IGCP with terrestrial experts from various countries such as Britain, France, America and Japan, often come to Karangsambung. In addition, various organizations earth, earth seminar participants, educators and students ranging from SSD to high school, is also frequently visited Karangsambung.

Karangsambung is a village located in the northern town of Kebumen, Central Java. This village is within about 45 minutes drive through unpaved County roads. During the trip from the town of Kebumen mengasyikkan.Dengan condition of the winding road, we can enjoy a fascinating landscape, a blend of rivers, hills of rock and padi fields. (The river that crosses this area is the river Luk Ulo, who from his name has described the circumstances of a winding such as "ulo" (snake). The surrounding population, this river is often used for mining the rock, known as the stone Luk Ulo. Apart used to decorate the park, there are several types of stone in the river is often also used as decorative stone or agate.
While the rock hills can we face along the way, a variety of rocks that fall into Karangsambung geological park. This area is quite spacious, with a radius of approximately 300 square kilometers. Stone hills that is often used as a place of study or practice field scientists and students.
Hall, Lecture Hall is equipped with audio visual, barracks accommodation and 'guesth house' which can accommodate 100 people, including the need for catering services, PLN electricity, telephone and sports facilities.
As a complement to your holiday to Karangsambung, you can get a variety of souvenirs, of course, typical of this area, in accordance with the objects and the potential that exists. Namely, various types and forms suseiki very charming. In addition, farrago agate and other souvenirs.

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