Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gulf Awur Jepara

One of the beaches in the district of Jepara is quite beautiful and interesting place to visit is the Gulf Coast Awur.
This beach is located in the Bay Village district Annual awur about 4 km to the south of the central town of Jepara, however, if viewed beach is no less exciting as the other beaches there is diJepara, every event Lomban beach is also not lost ramenya with other beaches and many entertainments are also interesting.
Every Sunday or holiday the beach is pretty crowded visited by travelers from around Jepara own good, there are also people outside the town of Jepara who also stopped trying to see the beauty of this unspoiled beaches.
For those who have a hobby of swimming awur Gulf Coast clean water conditions because it is far enough from the thatched boat and ship, so is safe if used for bathing and swimming.

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