Friday, March 18, 2011

Long Island

Long Island located in the west of Kartini Beach is approximately 1.5 km. a sloping coastal islands and white sand. Lush island because some types of crops grown there. Tree-high pohonya very attractive to many species of birds (seagulls, storks, blekok) to live and breed.

Visitors can circle the island by walking along the beach or down the street (paving block) while enjoying the scenery on either side. In addition, white sandy beaches and shallow sea with coral reefs is also a view that is quite interesting, especially for those who like fishing and sea bathing.

On Long Island there is also the tomb of Muslim leaders (a teacher), Sheikh Abu Bakr name. There is also a lighthouse which is still functioning to guide the ships that sailed the Java Sea.

To reach the Long Island boat tours to take advantage of "Sapta Enchantment" from the Beach or Pantai Kartini Bandengan with relatively cheap rates. For those who want to camp do not need to worry, because there are also available with adequate toilet facilities.

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