Saturday, March 5, 2011

Inscription Sojomerto Trunk

Sojomerto inscriptions, found in the village of Batang Reban Sojomerto District of Central Java, was made at about the seventh century by order of dynasty, a king of the kingdom of Srivijaya who attacked the island of Java in 684 AD
Inscription was made of andesite stone with a length of 43 cm, 7 cm thick and 78 cm high. Old Javanese inscription carved on a flat surface, consisting of 11 lines which partially damaged line eroded age.
The text is as follows:

Obeisance to Shiva Bathara Dhewa Paramecwara and all-dhewa Dhewa.
I respect the "Hiya MIH" is a noble Dhapunta dynasty. Santanu is Badhrawati his father's name is the name of his mother, Sampura is the name of the wife of a noble dynasty.

Sojomerto inscription is older than Canggal inscriptions made by order of Sanjaya in the year 732 AD According to the history of Indonesia, the dynasty was a king who married a descendant offspring Sanjaya dynasty which in turn reduce the kings of Central Java and East Java.

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