Saturday, March 5, 2011

Site Silurah Trunk

Inscription Canggal as evidence of Indonesia's history that was made in 732 AD by order of King Sanjaya says that "in the famous island of Java there was a king named Sanna".
Sanna glorious or "Mahasanna" later turned into Mahasin and people now call it with salty, is a village in Batang Warungasem District.

Tersebutlah kingdom Mahasin with Senna king who ruled his people with justice in a long time. In the year 684 AD Mahasin battered by Srivijaya.
Senna along with his oldest son fled south toward the hermitage founded in the village of Silurah, characterized by the presence of mysterious sites with Ganesya statues and other relics of ancient Hindu-style, while Sanjaya as crown prince were evacuated to the south at the foot of Mount Merapi.
As a place of refuge, until now the site is still smelling mystical Silurah which states that government employees are prohibited from approaching the area. Besides the statue Ganesya located in the valley between the rivers Retno meeting with Semilir river, there are many ancient relics in the Village District Silurah Wonotunggal, like phallus and yoni as a symbol of fertility and the base with former terraces of the temple ruins.

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