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Lawa Cave Purbalingga

According to local folklore, Lawa Cave has its own legend that is closely related to the creation of a Village Siwarak. It was said at the time of Islam began to develop in Java in particular, then this region there are two mubaligh Banyumas with two of his followers who have the task of developing the Islamic religion, they were named Akhmad and the brothers Mohammad and Bangas and Bangis. In charge of developing Islamic religion, they get the great challenge of the Government of the Kingdom of Majapahit. A commander has been assigned to stem the development of Islamic religion, namely Ki Sutarga. In the task Ki Sutaraga, has managed to break the business Akhmad and Mohamad to develop the Islamic religion, so in the face of the strength of this Sutaraga Ki Akhmad and Mohammed were forced to flee. By coincidence can hide in the Lawa Cave, to ask directions to the Almighty God how to save themselves in order to further carry out their duties.

In the silence, the two sisters, ─░lhan obtain from God for them both which is renamed the Akhmad Taruno renamed and renamed Mohamad Taruni. After changing the name of each of them out of the cave.
Not long ago they walked dihentikanlah them by someone who turned out to be gallant Ki Sutaraga, Senopati Majapahit. When they were asked by Ki Sutaraga, whether they saw Akhmad and Mohamad, then with cerkdiknya they replied that they often see Akhmad dam Mohamad. But two days ago the two men are dead and killed and eaten by three tigers. One advantage for Akhmad and Mohamad, that ki Sutaraga actually had never seen and met them. Therefore, what they tuturkan fully trusted by Ki Sutarag. Ki Sutaraga immediately notify the troops, that the two people they're after-catch it two days ago has died eaten by tigers. Rejoice greatly troops Majapahit Kingdom that.

Akhmad and Mohamad die! Akhmad and Mohamad die! "Are people who they say died, with a safe and secure to go away leaving the area, go north to continue the struggle developing Islamic religion.

However, cheering troops Majapahit Kingdom was also caught by the ear Bagas and Bagis, Akhmad loyal followers and Mohamad. They want revenge and go straight to Ki Sutaraga, Senopati a magic duel select it. With vocal Bangas and Bangis challenging to fight duel Sutaraga Ki. But Ki Sutaraga, which in addition to magic and clairvoyant that, do not respond to the challenge and Bangis Bangas. Attitude Ki Sutaraga make Bangas and Bangis became curious, and with anger, they attacked ki Sutaraga. Seeing gelagas it is not good, Ki Sutaraga only on hips, saying with a roar rolling - roll: "Hi, you Bangas and Bangis! You both are humans who do not know yourself, your behavior as an animal just like ". Thus, because the magic words Ki Sutaraga, with menddak torn, Banga and Bangis a carpenter and his form into two animals rhino (Java: Warak). Seeing the incident, the soldiers shouting: "Warak ... warak .. !

Finally, after Ki Sutaraga overwhelmed by the serenity, his soldiers had gathered shouted, as he asked to watch his words, namely: "Hi prajutit all-soldier, heard and witnessed. Because the events that befall these two people namely: Bangas and Bangis, which because ulahnya itself has turned into warak, so that you are all that are witnesses. Day later when the forest can grow into the countryside, then I give the name of the village Siwarak Village.

Thus the legend of Lawa Cave, which has saved Akhmad and Mohammed and began the events that give the village name Siwarak. The legend is summarized from oral stories submitted by Mr. Pond, the village chief's sister Siwarak, the head of SD. IMPRES Siwarak village at that time. Actually, in the form of legend story length, which is summarized in the legend of the emergence of the names of the story is in the legend is in the Lawa Cave complex. Like Cave Ratu Ayu, it is said in the cave there were two beautiful women named Endang Endang Murdaningsih and Murdaningkrum. These two beautiful daughters that has three tails pet, a three tigers. A white, one black, one yellow flower again tamarind. It is said that the population around the cave on some nights that have seen many pet tigers Ratu Ayu, had visited the house of village head, who can direct interview with the Village Head Siwarak with his wife and several people who were on duty patrolling the village.


We walked kemulut cave here we will find the stone is a stone-like Semar puppet Kyai Semar. After that we will see relief, such as white oak, so called Waringin Seto. From here we turn right will see the Palace of Lawa cave bats first nest center (Lava). Walking for a moment turn right onto Lava Cave Chest, chest like a bat cave that is being spread its wings, it is called Dada Lawa Cave. Exit from Dada Lawa Cave we will turn right through the shower and Spring slamet degree, according to folklore, if you want to stay young you try to wash my face here, about the truth for yourself. After that we will enter the Cave Gangsiran Regent Thunder Daryono, because at the time of the inauguration of the first undermine Mr. Gunter Daryono. From here we will get to the cave Panembahan, after the cave we headed Cave Panembahan Rahayu. Then ride arrived at Batu Keris, and after the Batu Caves Langgar Keris we headed for no place Pengimaman facing towards the Qibla. Through the narrow hallway toward the direction of the bridge continues to escape, then go to the Cave cepet, why so named, because it is said people entered this cave is often lost and difficult to exit. Then exit through the narrow hallway toward the Cave Ratu Ayu. As long as we entered the cave, we will still feel fresh because of the large ventilation-ventilation cave that is always blowing air / air cooler we feel, it is this which reduces the fatigue of the visitors who do not feel tired through the cave along the ± 1 300 m.

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