Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Museum RA. Kartini

Museum RA. Kartini is located in downtown or rather north of Jepara town square. RA Kartini Museum including the types of public museums and Tourism as well as the history that is managed by the Department of Education and Culture Jepara as designated by the Technical Department of Local Government.

The museum is open every day and frequently visited by tourists both foreign tourists and domestic tourists. RA Kartini Museum was established on March 30, 1975 in the reign of Regent Soewarno Djojomardowo, SH, while the opening is on April 21, 1977 by the Regent of KDH Level II Jepara, Soedikto, SH.

The purpose of this museum was established to perpetuate the services of RA Kartini's struggle with how to document, exhibit, and visualize the objects owned by his brother historic relics and other cultural heritage objects which are found in Jepara regency. Building the museum is built on an area of ​​5210 m2 with building area of ​​890 m2 and consists of three buildings. This space contains a collection of relics of RA Kartini form of objects and photographs during his still life, among others:
(A) set of tables and chairs original guests still made of teak wood carving motifs typical of ancient Javanese; Painting is his face during his marriage to establish a Regents Apex, Raden Mas Duke Djoyodiningrat on November 12, 1903; Photo examples in Dutch papers devoted to his friend in the land of Holland;
Desks; plates and bowls; The results skill students hand in the form of lace; Tools for batik canting in the form of RA Kartini; Genealogy RA Kartini; Porch rear pavilion District; Botekan, a place to store herbs in preparation at the time of RA Kartini will be born; Sewing Machines student belongs, which is still operable.

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