Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Portuguese Fortress

One of the attractions are a mainstay in Jepara Portuguese Fort which is located in the Village District Banyumanis Keling or 45 km in the northern city of Jepara, and to achieve them available asphalt roads and regular transport.
Viewed from the side of the fort was visible geographically very strategic for military purposes, especially the past limited the ability of cannon shot 2 to 3 km only. The fort was built on a hill rock ats on the seafront and right in front of him lay Mondoliko Island, so practically strait in front of the fort was under the control of the Citadel cannon so that it will affect the cruise ship from Jepara to the eastern part of Indonesia or vice versa. In 1619, the city Jayakarta / Sunda Kelapa entered the Dutch East India Company, and currently the Sunda Kelapa was renamed Batavia regarded as the beginning of the growth of colonization by the Dutch in Indonesia Imperialists. Sultan Agung of Mataram king had sensed the danger of his situation falls into the hands of the Dutch town of White Rose. For that Sultan Agung prepare for war in order to expel the Dutch occupiers.
King of Mataram determination was carried out in succession in 1628 and in 1629 that ended with the defeat on the part of Mataram.
This incident makes Sultan Agung think that the Dutch East India Company can only be defeated by land and sea attack simultaneously, whereas Mataram do not have a strong fleet, so we need the help of a third party who also clashed with the VOC is Portuguese.

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