Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Peak Songolikur

Saptorenggo summit also called Songolikur Peak is the highest peak on Mount Muria in Central Java with an altitude of 1602 meters above sea level. The peak is included in the administrative area of ​​the village Rahtawu, Gebog Kudus Regency, Central Java.

In addition to being the peak of interest to every lover of nature to climb, also became a destination for seekers of spiritual blessing and the main actors in each month of Sura or Muharram.

There are two climbing routes that can be taken to reach peak Songolikur. Routes are:

* By Post Climbing in the hamlet village Semliro Rahtawu, Gebog Holy District.
* Through the post in the village of Battle, Keling, Jepara regency.

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