Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Three Flavor Water

Three Water Taste History Sheikh Sadzali still full of mystery. Local management of the Foundation are collecting data. They believe, Sheikh was one of the students Sunan Muria that supposedly came from Iraq.

One of the beloved disciple as holding an important role when Sunan Muria Dampo Awang pitted with supernatural powers. Because many are jealous then marginalized or excluded. There are allegations he withdrew to the place he was buried today in Rejenu.

This complex indeed contains a lot of mystery because there are many graves that have not been identified. There are also three springs which has three distinctive and arguably a sense of magic. The three water has a taste like a drink Sprite. But the sharpness of taste different from each other.

The water is believed to have many benefits. For those who believe, with drinking water that their souls will become calmer. Confidence they are thicker. Also believed to cure various diseases.

Perhaps, once this spring consisted of 4 kinds that when all four are mixed to grant any request peminumnya. By Sheikh Sadzali, four springs closed. Because there is rarely any pilgrim who do tirakatan around Water Three Flavor to be able to see and take water from the fountain of the four earlier.

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