Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sunan Graveyard Ghost

Holy Sunan Jaffar Sadiq was born with the name. He is the son of Sunan Ngudung pair, is a warlord and the Sultanate of Demak Bintoro Syarifah brother of Sunan Bonang. Holy Sunan expected died in 1550.

Holy Sunan served as commander of the war to the Sultanate of Demak, and in the reign of Sunan Prawoto he became adviser to the Aryan Penangsang. Aside from being a warlord for the Sultanate of Demak, the Holy Sunan also served as a court judge for the Sultanate of Demak.

In doing missionary spread of Islam in Holy, Holy Sunan using cattle as a means of pulling people to come to listen to his message. Sunan Holy Ghost also build the Tower which is a mixture of Islamic and Hindu cultures that also contained a mosque called the Mosque Minaret.

In 1530, Holy Sunan founded a mosque in the village Kerjasan, Kudus Kulon, which is now known by the name of the Holy Mosque and still survive today. Now the Holy Mosque in the town square Tengah.Peninggalan Java other than the Holy Ghost is Sunan request to the public to not cut the animal sacrifices in the celebration of Eid al-Adha cows in honor of a Hindu society by replacing the sacrificial cow by cutting buffalo sacrifice, a message to cut the buffalo sacrifice is still a lot of people obeyed by the Ghost to the present.

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