Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tomb of Sunan Muria

Sunan Muria was born with the name or Raden Raden Umar Said Said. According to some history, he was the son of Sunan Kalijaga who was married to Goddess Soejinah, daughter of Sunan Ngudung.

Sunan Muria own name thought to have originated from the name of the mountain (Mount Moriah), located in the northern town of Kudus, Central Java, where he is buried.

The tomb is located in the village of Sunan Muria District Colo Dawe Holy District.
Located on a hill. So that the pilgrims who want to have to climb stairs on a pilgrimage as far as 500 meters +. On either side of the stairs lined food stalls and souvenir sellers.

For those who are not strong climbing stairs can choose motorcycle taxi service. With these services, but can save energy, during the trip we will be treated to beautiful sights.

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