Monday, March 21, 2011

Swimming Pool Tirto Arum Kendal

The pool is located on the main route north coast, precisely on Jalan Soekarno Hatta Kendal who participated District Patebon administration. In this place not only provides its own pool, but there is also the arena of sports, children's playground, arena, outbound, as well as lodging and restaurants.

Visitors can choose the available facilities include: Swimming pool for adults and children with clear water bluish; Playground for children; Bicycle / Pedicab water to surround the island of Aloe Vera; Tennis; Park Massage which is a path made from the composition of rocks arranged in accordance kaedah science "refeksi" and useful for the maintenance of our bodies, Hotel "Family Cottage" a clean, equipped with air conditioning and TV for families who need lodging; Mosque is clean and cool; Bird Park, and fishing for those who like fishing. Done enjoy these activities go back to the Lesbian "Mango" (so named because Lesbian is in the midst of Mango garden) or go back to Resto "Paddi" located on the edge of rice fields. The scenery is really spread of rice while eating food. In Lesbian, Resto and Restaurant is available menu of Lesbian and seafood specialties. Often occurs visitors who had intended only stopping briefly, extend the time haven even decide to spend the night at Pondok Family. It is true Tirto New Arum deserves be called an oasis for travelers who pass through from west to east coast or vice versa. Officials and businessmen from the cities of Tegal to stem that will go to Hyderabad or home of many who stopped at Semarang Tirto New Arum for various purposes. Starting from rest to look for souvenirs, because Tirto New Arum has also been producing Aloe Vera drinks and fruit and Noni juice from the garden itself.

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