Monday, March 7, 2011

Tirto baths Marto

Boyolali city mileage of around 12 km. These baths were used by King Sri Paduka Kasunanan Surakarta Sultanate Susuhunan Pakubowono X and its relatives

Kungkum ritual the pilgrims, especially on Friday night ritual of immersing yourself in water limited to the neck that starts began at 24.00 - 03.00 pm, and every 2 (two) days before the month of fasting Event held Padusan.
3 baths MAIN CONTAINED namely:

* Pemadian Bannerman Temanten
* Baths Bannerman Ngabean
* Baths Bannerman Dudo


* Restaurant Lesehan
* Tennis Court
* teaser
* Swimming Pool Children
* Arena play
* Kiosk souvenirs.
* floating restaurant. Parking space.

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